27.08.2012 "Leo" is awarded
Indie Fest CA/USA: "Leo" is awarded the Award of Merit in the category children/family programming

July 2012 "Leo"
"Leo is included in the Official Selction at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and will be shown on Friday, 17th at 9:30 am

01.08.2011 "Leo"
- A French version of "Leo" is in development.
- "Leo" was shown at the Lucerne International Film Festival (LIFF) in Switzerland (20.-22.10.2011) as showcase
- "Leo" had its world premiere at the NYCIFF in New York. The audience was ecstatic and laughed at the right moments!

21.06.2011 "Leo"
Our short film "Leo" is finally finished and available in German and English. It can also be made available in any other language. The film has been submitted to various Festivals around the world. Unfortunately the children film festival in Hamburg had not selected "Leo". Sad, but not really relevant for an Oskar-Nomination :) .

21.01.2011 "Leo"
the final cut has been made. Now the sound design and music will be composed. The approx. 16-minute Short film will be finished 15.02.2011 at the latest since we want to submit our film to the Mo&Friese children film festival in Hamburg. Please cross your fingers that we will be seleceted!

20.01.2011 Relationship Phases  
On 27.12.2010 I was informed that this film has been included in the Official Selection of the 2010 edition of the Chicago Short Film Festival http://www.mamut.net/festivalawards/newsdet9.htm

03.11.2010 "The lovley Leo"
Last day of shooting "The lovely Leo" Start of Post Production

02.10.2010 "Relationship Phases" are shown in the USA
The Film was selected for the 12th Annual Milwaulkee Short Film Festival 2010 and will be shown 30.10.2010

20.09.2010 "The lovley Leo"
The pre produciton phase is going well. Casting on 23.09.2010 was successful. All cast could be finalised. Shooting is scheduled in October.

"Relationship Phases"
This film was produced in April 2010 and was selceted by San Francisco Short Film Festival 2010 and by the 2010 Festival de cine Internacional de Barcelona.

24.08.2010 Looking for scripts
I am always looking for scripts or ideas

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