Vor 250 Jahren

Shortfilm 1:39 Min.
Brenda Hilbig und Silvia Hoffmann
Germany, 2010


In the year 2260 many people communicate through telepathy. So also the news is broadcasted a a telepathic version. On the 250th anniversary of the legend of "The evil rust and the good hot-dip zinced" - a symbol of the split society in the 21st century - we are looking back to the year 2010. Visitors at the historical museum are asked about their impressions of the culture we are living in today. There is no black OR white there is only black AND white.

Project Info

Silvia has heard somewhere of a competition by www.99fire-films.de. Everyone could participate. On 02.02.2010 at 10 am every tema received an email with the theme. Then we had 99 hours to produce a 99 second film. We wrote the script in 1 1/2 days, shot 1 day. That gave us 1 1/2 days of editing. Naturally we went through a couple of catastrophies but in the end we made it! And for such a short amount of time I think we did OK. We even were selected in the top49!

The theme was "The evil rust and the good hot-dip zinced" - something like Jekyll and Hyde, a good and evil story. Also we had to show some hot-dip zinced objects and had to mention either "architecture" or exit". We didn't like the theme - to put it mildly - but it triggered our creativity! We wanted to break through the rigid black and white way of thinking. There is not an evil or a good person. Everybody has good an bad inside themselves, it is part of who we are and we need to accept that.

We hope we could entertain you witha humourous look back to the present and a short glimpse into the future - how it could be...


Silvia Hoffmann - Nachrichtensprecherin
Amina Shah - Reporterin Josie
Elâ Ziegler- Mensch 1
Sophyan Damaeng-Mensch 2
Dag Nilsson- Mensch 3
Jan-Michael Studt - Editor

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