About Brenda

I was born in Hamburg and grew up there. I always wanted to explore the world. So I have been travelling a lot: I lived three years in Sydney/Australia. Coincidentally - if there is such thing - I read an advertisment for the APA International Film School. It told me I could study "TV and Film Production". This sounded very interesting and since then I have been hooked on film!

I did study at the Film School and was involved in a lot of projects. During my studies I wrote my first screenplay - in English - and that was made into a film.
Back in Germany I needed to raise some money, so I was employed by an international company for a few years. But now I'm back!
Since 2010 I have already written, produced and directed three short films.

Brenda Hilbig

About brendafilm

brendafilm aims to produce films with substance that are also entertaining. How is life, what is it really like, what problems have to be solved, how may they be solved? How could life be, what visions are there for our future?

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