Welcome to brendafilm. Here you will learn a lot about myself and my latest, current and future film projects. Right now I produce short films but in 2011 I'd like to start making feature films. I am always looking for interesting scripts!

I am also a director and help others in various roles realizing their projects. I love teamwork and I want to work in an creative environment.

Maybe we will work together one day...

Many greetings

About Brenda

I was born in Hamburg and grew up there. I always wanted to explore the world. So I have been travelling a lot: I lived three years in Sydney/Australia. Coincidentally - if there is such thing - I read an advertisment for the APA International Film School. It told me I could study "TV and Film Production". This sounded very interesting and since then I have been hooked on film! Read more


Short Film 16:52 min.
by Brenda Hilbig

The story is told from the perspective of the dog Leo. We can hear his thoughts but don't understand the human language. Leo lives happily with his mistress in a small house in a small village. He likes eating, sleeping and walking. One day he looses his mistress in an unknown forrest. He is in panic. He then has to o through a journey that leads him back to his mistress.



Indie Fest CA/USA: "Leo" is awarded the Award of Merit in the category children/family programming

July 2012
"Leo is included in the Official Selction at the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival and will be shown on Friday, 17th at 9:30 am

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