Relationship Phases

Shortfilm 3:10 Min.
Brenda Hilbig
Germany, 2010


Julia and Tom are young students and they like each other. Tom has invited Julia to his apartment for the first time. He is nervous and a little shy. But obviously they fell in love with each other because inthe second scene Julia is cooking dinner in Tom's apartment. Tom comes back from oral exams and the greeting gets a little out of hand... In the third phase Julia and Tom have moved together in a bigger apartment with a real kitchen. They just had breakfast and Julia wrote the groceries shopping list. Tom would rather go back to bed but since his parents are about to visit soon he goes along with his responsibilities. Years have gone by and both finished their studies and starting their careers. They now have moved into an even bigger apartment with a big kitchen. They have to work hard. Now they don't take the time do eat breakfast together an more. They come and go at different times, communicate through post-its. They drift apart and one day Julia is leavin Tom. How has it come to this? It has started with such wonderful feelings...

Project info

If you are interested in viewing the film please send a request to brenda@brendafilm.de

The 26th International Short Film Festival in Hamburg advertised a 3-min.-short-film competition. The theme was "kitchen". I had two ideas which I posted on the www.filmstube.de Website. One of the ideas was well received, so I wrote a script and soon we had the crew and cast finalized. After a two day shoot and ten days of post production we created this film. It was really hard to cut the film down to 3 minutes...

Anyway, I think we picked out the most relevant emotions in each phase. Everyone who has been in relationships may recognise the feelings...

Unfortunately "Relationship Phases" was not selected for the Hamburg Short Film Festival. But I entered the film in other festivals and it has been selceted in a couple of festivals so far.


Frederik Hegenbarth - Tom
Andrea Hupe - Julia

Brenda Hilbig - Drehbuch, Produktion, Regie, Ausstattung
André Ritonnale - Kamera, Schnitt
Tobi Peter - Kameraassistent
Andreas Meyer - Ton
Manuel Bieker - Beleuchtung
Andreas Pflug - Continuity, Clapper, Post Script
Tatjana Kraus - Maske

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