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I was born in Hamburg in 1964 and grew up there. Even in my childhood I liked to paint a lot; and was always creative, imaginative and very curious.

I was also good at science, and therefore I decided to study industrial chemistry rather than living an uncertain life as an artist.

Ironically when I got my masters degree I could not find a job in that field. So I experimented with various kinds of jobs; but left Hamburg in 1996 to explore the world. Hawaii, the South Seas, New Zealand and Australia - very inspiring landscapes.

Tired of travelling, I settled in Sydney to study film production. That was very creative and inspiring. But I was homesick — my soul had to get back to Hamburg.

I left with deep impressions - I was especially inspired by the earthly spirituality of the Australian Aborigines.

Now I live on the outskirts of Hamburg in a little house with a beautiful natural garden. I feel now that I can balance my drive to be creative with the need to earn money. Boring my life will never be...

Christmas 2009 I got the idea of painting on very small canvases (10 cm x 10 cm and 5 cm x 10 cm) to be used for decorating christmas trees, etcetera. A small collection of the more than 100 motifs available are shown in "Art on the christmas tree".
In 2012 I attended a workshop about abstract expressionism. This has inspired me so much that I decided to paint a whole series in 2013.

I am also still looking for more space to exhibit my paintings to a broader audience.

Will be continued...

Brenda Hilbig
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